Dec 17, 2018

Crimean Tatars: Historical Village Destroyed by Russian Authorities

In Crimea, the village of Gurzuf has had its historical heritage sites destroyed under Russian rule. Buildings that once represented the culture and history of the Crimean Tatars are being substituted by commercial sites, such as shops, cafés and restaurants that replace the unique and original Crimean architecture. As this trend may be repeated in other villages across the region, activists have shed light on how this change disfigure important historic characters of the province. They intend to appeal to authorities in an attempt to halter the destruction of the historical Crimean architecture.

The article below was published by The Koz Week:

In Russian-occupied Crimea to destroy the legacy of Gurzuf, from commercial construction on the site of historic buildings.

Changes have occurred even in the center of Gurzuf, where prior to the occupation of the square was used as a flower market, and around it was the home of the Crimean Tatars. Now the historical centre of the village chaotic shops, cafes and restaurants.

Once construction work on the site of the historic buildings began in the fall of 2018. One of the objects of the builders have already completely dismantled the old house, the metal structure was taken over the perimeter. According to passers-by, this house was one of the most beautiful in the historical center of Gurzuf.

“It was an old Crimean Tatar house. Very beautiful. Look around some eatery room. And this house is one of the few pleasing to the eye with its originality. Now it is not. All destroyed before our eyes”, – said a local resident Antonina Goncharova.

In addition, local residents concerned about the building near the dacha of Chekhov – on the same street. The former sanitary and epidemiological stations converted to another café. Social activists contend such construction disfigure the historic character of the village.

“Changing the visual perception of the area. Has hung some support over the historic wall, will stand this place? No one knows anything. Whether the architectural design of this building? Also no one knows. And I think that we have nothing – yet everything is up for grabs” – said social activist Marina Zabrodskaya.

According to activists, permits for the construction of cafes and canteens, the developers no. Passports of objects that should be placed in the field of construction.

The activists intend to appeal to various authorities demanding to stop the destruction of historical sites – after all, indiscriminate development of the village threatens to complete the destruction of its cultural and historical heritage. However, the official comments of the village Council Gurzuf yet.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons