Dec 03, 2018

Press Release: UNPO Addresses Pakistani Occupation of Gilgit-Baltistan at the United Nations

On Thursday 29 November 2018, UNPO was participating in the 11th session of the United Nations Forum on Minority Issues in the Palace of Nations in Geneva. Organised by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and attended by the Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues, the Forum is an opportunity for minorities to raise their concerns and provide recommendations directly to the Human Rights Council.

During the session discussing statelessness resulting from conflicts, UNPO representative, Jens Ladekarl, intervened with a speech addressing the Pakistani occupation of Gilgit-Baltistan. The speech centred the more than seven decades long constitutional limbo, which has deprived the people of Gilgit-Baltistan from their right to be governed by their chosen representatives and to have access to justice through an independent judiciary. Mr. Ladekarl additionally highlighted the persecution and incarceration of politicians, journalists and human rights defenders speaking out against the occupation.


You can see the UNPO intervention by clicking here or read it by clicking here.