Dec 03, 2018

Ogaden: ONLF Leadership Returns to Ethiopia

On Saturday 1 December, the leadership of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) returned to Ethiopia from their exile in Eritrea. The delegation was welcomed in the airport by the Ethiopian Minister of Finance, Ahmed Shide, and the president of the Somali Regional State, Mustafa Omer. Earlier this year the Ethiopian government removed the ONLF from its list of terrorist groups. UNPO welcomes the initiative to continue towards a peaceful solution to the Ogaden question in Ethiopia.

This article was published by Africa News:

Leadership of the Ogaden National Liberation Front, ONLF, a political group in eastern Ethiopia returned to the country on Saturday from their base in Eritrea.

Led by Admiral Mohamed Omar, the delegation arrived at the Bole International Airport where there were received by Finance Minister Ahmed Shide and president of the Somali Regional State, Mustafa Omer.

Their return comes barely two weeks after hundreds of its fighters flew from the Eritrean capital, Asmara, to SRS capital Jijiga.

From Addis Ababa, where the delegation is expected to hold meetings with federal government representatives, they will continue to Jijiga. Reports indicate that there is an elaborate preparation for their arrival in the capital.

ONLF is one of former anti-government groups that were branded terrorist entities by the Ethiopian government. These groups were harboured by Eritrea during decades of a standoff sparked by a border war between the two.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed tabled a motion that saw the parliament remove a number of the groups from the list. The groups including the Oromo Liberation Front, Ginbot 7 and ONLF all announced cessation of hostilities with the view to return and pursue peaceful politics.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia