Nov 13, 2018

East Turkestan: Uyghurs in Sweden Monitored by Chinese Officials

Recently, China has taken its scare tactics to a new extent by actively monitoring the Uyghur community in Sweden. Both the Chinese embassy and the Swedish officials have been reluctant to comment - the former outright denying the allegations and the latter stating it is not possible to comment on individual cases.

The article below was published by European Interest:

Uyghurs living in Sweden are reportedly being pressed by Chinese security officials to provide information about people from this minority group living in the country.

Swedish Radio reported that it has heard recorded phone calls and seen text conversations and emails which back up allegations. It appears that people who claim to represent the Chinese security service have tried to recruit Uyghurs in Sweden as informers – often resorting to threats and extortion.

Daniel Stenling, who heads the Swedish Security Service’s counter-espionage division, said he cannot comment on individual cases. However, according to Swedish Radio, he says that the Swedish Security Service takes these allegations seriously.

Meanwhile, China’s ambassador to Sweden has denied the allegations.

Photo courtesy of Flickr