Oct 29, 2018

Somaliland: Biggest Liaison Office Abroad Opened in Kenya

Somaliland’s Foreign Minister Saad Ali Shire was in Nairobi, Kenya on Friday 26 October 2018 to inaugurate the new Somaliland Mission to Keny’s headquarters. The largest Somaliland liaison office so far, this event has huge symbolic importance for the de facto state of Somaliland. Despite functioning as an independent nation for decades, it lacks international recognition and official status, a precarious situation that hampers its development and complicates its ability to participate on the international stage.

The below article was published by The National (Kenya):

Foreign Minister Saad Ali Shire inaugurated the new headquarters for the Somaliland Mission to Kenya in Nairobi on Friday.

The new office will serve as a liaison to the Somaliland community nation-wide and represent Somaliland’s interests in Kenya.

The opening took place during a visit by the Foreign Minister to Nairobi to meet with Kenyan Government officials.

We've officially opened the biggest Somaliland liaison office abroad," Deputy Amb. Ayanle Salad said in a post on his Facebook page

Image courtesy of The National