Oct 08, 2018

Madhesh: Central Coordinator of the Alliance for Independent Madhesh Arrested Alongside 18 Other Madheshi Activists

Dr CK Raut, Madheshi activist and the central coordinator of the Alliance for Independent Madhesh (AIM), has been arrested alongside 18 other Madheshi independence activists on Sunday 7 October. The authorities also arrested Dr Raut’s 4 years old daughter who is severely ill and has been denied medical treatment. Dr Raut has recently suffered extra scrutiny from the authorities who in some cases have been working extra-judicially in order to repress his political and human rights activities.

The press release below was published by Alliance for Independent Madhesh:

October 7, 2018 Dr. CK Raut, central coordinator of Alliance for Independent Madhesh (AIM) has been illegally arrested from district Court Premises Rautahat, along with his 4 years daughter Rebati and 18 other supporters at 5PM today. Rebati is ill and she needs medical treatment. Despite Dr Raut’s request to send his daughter to Janakpur for medical check-up, police have refused irresponsibly.

Dr Raut had been in Gaur for regular court attendance at District Court Rautahat however he has been arrested from the court premises, Sanjay swaraji and Rameshwar swaraji have also been detained along with him. Similarly, 16 other supporters of Dr. Raut have also been arrested while demonstrating peacefully against the arbitrary arrest. Police resorted to baton charge and violent tactics on the protesters injuring over a dozen of them.

The supreme court of Nepal and special court of Nepal have absolved Dr Raut of sedition charges under which he and his supporters have been frequently arrested in almost all districts of Madhesh. Nepal police and State seems to be working extra-judicially. Today’s arrest has no credible explanation neither has there been any warrant or any communication of that effect. Police have resorted to violence deploying a confrontational tactic and using baton charge to frighten the protesters. Police actions have resulted into severe injuries to Om prakash Sah, Dinesh Yadav and dozens of others . AIM leaders and supporters like Ashok Singh, Birendra Sah, Bir Kushawaha, Mangal Sah, Jay Prakash Sah, Dineshlal Yadav, Raju Patel, Surendra Prasad Kushawaha, Lavkush Kushawaha, Ramprit Kushawaha and some others have also been arrested afterwards. Furthermore, ten AIM cadres, Mrs. Sitala Yadav, Siraha Municipality, Manish Yadav, Sakhuwa Nankarkatti, Baleshwar Yadav, Lahan, Shubhlal Mahato, Belaha, Raj Kumar Yadav, Kasaha, Jitan Yadav, Shripur, Gyan Kamati, Aurahi, Pappu Yadav, Narhang, Raj Kumar Yadav, Dhangadhi, Ram sugan Yadav, Pasaha from Siraha have been arrested while they were demanding the Chief District Officer accept their memorandum on the case of the murder of late Ram Manohar Yadav in the Bardiya Police Custody on the 31 August 2018.

People of Madhesh are in despair and shock to see frequent arrests and tortures of Madheshi Rights Activists. We, henceforth, appeal to the corresponding district administrations to unconditionally release Dr Raut and all his supporters. We, sincerely, appeal to Political Parties, Human Rights Organizations, Civil Societies, Bar Associations, journalists and all stakeholders responsible to maintain civility of State to raise their voice against the illegal, unlawful, unconstitutional and undemocratic arrests and torture by the Nepalese government and its police forces on peaceful activists adhering to Gandhian Path

Photo Courtesy of Alliance for Independent Madhesh.