Sep 25, 2018

Sindh: National Language Declared as a Compulsory Subject in Private Schools

Sindhi was declared as a compulsory subject in all private schools of the province by its Education Minister. The compliance of the schools with the measure will be observed by a team of Directorate Sindh. While government schools already treats Sindhi as a compulsory subject up to ninth standard, private schools were directed to appoint experienced Sindhi teachers.

The article below was published by The Nation:

Sindh Education Minister Syed Sardar Shah has declared Sindhi as a compulsory subject in all private schools of the province and an advisory has been issued to take further action.

In the government schools of Sindh, up to ninth standard Sindhi is already being treated as a compulsory subject.

Private schools have been directed to appoint experience trained Sindhi teachers for this purpose. The issuance of the registration certificate for private school is subject to the teaching of Sindhi as compulsory subject and O level schools have also been warned accordingly.

A team of Directorate Sindh will visit private schools to ensure the Sindhi language is being taught in schools as a compulsory subject.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons