Sep 07, 2018

Somaliland: Clarkston City’s City Council Recognises Somaliland

On 5 September 2018, Clarkston City, Georgia, United States (US) became the first US city to recognise Somaliland’s right to self-determination and state sovereignty. This announcement from the City’s Council comes after tireless lobbying and advocacy efforts from Somaliland Diaspora members. The Somaliland Diaspora Agency expresses its gratefulness to such recognition and hard work.


The article below was published by Somaliland Press:

Somaliland Diaspora Agency is so grateful to the Clarkston City Council of Atlanta Georgia and the valiant role of Somaliland Diaspora Activists in the US.

The First American City Council Recognizes Somaliland in the United States of America.

The Somaliland Diaspora Agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation of the Republic of Somaliland is thankful to the esteemed Clarkston City in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, for adopting the motion “A PROCLAMATION OF THE CITY OF CLARKSTON RECOGNIZING SOMALILAND’S HUMAN RIGHT OF SELF DETERMINATION AND SOVEREIGN STATEHOOD” in their Council Meeting of September 5, 2018.

This is the first American City Council passing this motion and truthfully despite the Council sagacious and perceptive consideration; the success and the achievement is the result of and fruits of the untiring and industriousness lobby of Somaliland Diaspora activists/lobbyists who have worked on the promotion and leading Sixty Days Campaign, and continuously volunteering for the interests of their country, and of the advocacy for Somaliland’s human right of self-determination and sovereign statehood.

On behalf of the Chairman of Somaliland Diaspora Agency, Mr. Abdi Abdullahi Hersi (Dayaxweerar), I have to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the most deserving member, Ms. Samia Abdullahi Walanwal who initiated and led this campaign, and secondly all those other commendable activists of Somaliland Diaspora who also willingly supported and took part the motion namely Jamal Yusuf Daroor, founder and chairman of Somaliland-Washington Community, Fuaad Abdi Ismail, Ali Qanaf, Osman Yusuf Mohamud, Ali Hussein, Mubarak Suufi, and everybody else, Somalilander, as well as our American friends had a role in the outcome. We are again very proud of everyone who worked on making this history possible and make it happen today.

Especial thanks and much appreciation goes to the City Council of Clarkston City namely Mayor of the City, Ted Terry Council, Andrea Cervone, Jamie Carroll, YT Bell, Ahmed Hassan, the City Manager, Keith Barker, City Clerk, Tracy Ashby, and City Attorney, Stephen Quinn. Especial thanks to Councilman Ahmed Hassan for putting the motion on the floor.


Photo courtesy of Qorilugud News 24