Sep 06, 2018

Madhesh: Thousands Demonstrate in Terai to Call for Independence from Nepal

On 17 August 2018, more than two thousand people gathered in Terai to call for independence from Nepal and to honour activist Rajib Raut who was killed during the Madhesh movement. The Terai region was given to Nepal by the East Indian Company in two parts, in 1816 and 1860 respectively. Ever since, the Madheshis have faced severe discrimination and violations of their fundamental rights.

The article below was published by The Rising Post:

On August 17 [2018] thousands of Madheshi people gathered in Bardaha in honor of Rajib Raut, who was killed during the Madhesh movement.

CK Raut and his movement to free the Madhesh is growing in Nepal, and the Alliance for Independent Madhesh (AIM) is now a fully organized program in the village development committee region of Bhardaha, in the Saptari district.

Members of the community lit candles and carried “Free Madhesh” flags as they attended speeches of given by prominent Madheshi leaders.

CK Raut, the president and founder of AIM, also spoke during the event.  During his speech he compared the colonization of India by the British Empire to that of Pahadi control over Madheshi people, and referred to it as ‘the Nepalese colonization of the Madhesh’.

He told the crowd that this ‘colonization’ must be ended, and said that the Madheshi people are extremely suppressed and living like ‘beggars’ under Pahadi dominance.  Raut seeks secession of the southern Terai region of Nepal from the Republic of Nepal, creating a free and independent state of Madhesh.

The Vice Chairman of AIM, Kailash Mahatto was also present at the event and spoke to the crowd.


Photo courtesy of Pramodjayswal @Wikimedia Commons