Jul 09, 2018

Sindh: Meghwar Woman First of Community to Run in Assembly Constituency Elections

Sunita Parmar, a member of the Hindu Meghwar minority, has become the first from her community to run as a candidate for the Sindh Assembly constituency. The provincial assembly elections will be held on 25 July 2018. Parmar will be running as an independent candidate from Tharkapar district, which has the highest Hindu population of Pakistan. If successful, she hopes to improve the quality of life in her constituency.

The article below was published by Times International News Service:

Sunita Parmar, a Hindu woman in Pakistan’s Sindh province, has created history by becoming the first from the minority community to contest the provincial assembly elections to be held on July 25 [2018].

Parmar, 31, who is from the Meghwar community, will contest as an independent candidate for the Sindh Assembly constituency PS-56 from Tharparkar district which has the highest number of Hindus in Pakistan.

Confident of challenging the status quo, Parmar said she was compelled to contest the upcoming polls as previous governments failed to deliver on their promises of making life better for the people of her constituency. Said a media report

Image courtesy of Sunita Parmar’s campaign