Jun 27, 2018

Balochistan: New Massive Abductions Orchestrated by Pakistani Authorities

Fifteen people have been reported missing in Balochistan after several raids conducted by the Pakistani authorities. The situation in Balochistan has increasingly deteriorated as the cooperation between Pakistan and China is deepening, especially with the development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). CPEC not only affects the stability of the region where Pakistani security forces systematically use aggressive military means to suppress the Baloch people, but could also have severe impacts on its ecological stability.


This article was originally published by The Balochistan Post:


Fifteen people go missing as Pakistani forces raid houses in different towns in Balochistan.

Today [27 June 2018], Pakistani forces conducted raids in Shapuk, Zamuran and Gresha towns of district Kech arresting and taking away at least fifteen people, the whereabouts of whom are not known yet.

According to the details received by The Balochistan Post, Pakistani forces cordoned off an area in Shapuk town and forcibly picked up Esa Baloch, Tariq Pir Muhammad, Noor Muhammad Miskan, Sameer Bashir and Miskan Baloch from their houses.      

Whereas, Malang s/o Ataullah, Abdul Qadri s/o Khan Muhammad, Imam s/o Hammal, Tariq s/o Habib, Ghaos Bakhsh s/o Qadir Bakhsh, Munir s/o Hayat and Rashid s/o Hayat were abducted from their houses in Marguti village of Zamuran town.

In Bidrang, Gresha Pakistani forces raided a locality and arrested Naeem s/o Sheh and Hassan Baloch.

Moreover, a person identified as Ehsam alias Chakar r/o Jewni was picked up from Winder city of Lasbela district. According to the witnesses, people who took away Mr Ehsam were in plain white clothes, resembling men from secret agencies.

In another news, A police sub-inspector has succumbed to his injuries, which he suffered few days ago in an attack by unknown people in Quetta.