May 14, 2018

Ambazonia: UNPO Deplores EU Decision to Not Send Election Observation to Cameroon

In recent years, Cameroon has been facing a tumultuous period, with high levels of tensions, violence and oppression in the Anglophone region of the country directed primarily towards Southern Cameroon. In October 2018, Cameroon will hold its Presidential election which, unfortunately, the European Union has decided not to send an election observation mission to, citing “limited resources” to finance and staff such a mission. Given the already tense situation in the country and a history of government-sponsored oppression, UNPO condemns the EU’s decision in the hopes that it can be reversed. 

This article has been published by Cameroon Concord:

The head of the European Union to Cameroon, said they will not send an observation mission during the presidential elections to take place in the country.

The ambassador disclosed the information on 7 May [2017] during a Canal 2 international TV program, produced in partnership with the Cameroonian section of the international Union of the Francophone press (UPF).

Hans Peter Schadek told the public they will not send any mission to Cameroon during the presidential elections after he was asked what role they intend to play in the country during the upcoming polls.

A source from the European Union delegation to Cameroon said Biya's country is not in their program this year. "An electoral observation mission of the European Union for the moment has not been envisaged for Cameroon this year. Generally speaking, resources are limited and the EU has to establish a worldwide plan before hand and prioritise the beneficiary countries. At this instant, the EU has not received any invitation to come and observe the elections in Cameroon this year. Thus for the moment, Cameroon is not part of the EU plan for 2018" the source disclosed.

The source goes further to add that if Cameroon finally indicates that their attention is needed they might send a reduced mission.


Photo courtesy of Dr Asong @Twitter