Apr 06, 2018

Balochistan: Pakistani Forces Abduct a Baloch Poet and Teacher, Two Students Still Missing

Pakistani forces have abducted school teacher and local Imam Maulana Abdul Razzak on Thursday 5 April 2018. This abduction follows the recent disappearance of Baloch poet Amanat Hasrat on Tuesday 3 April 2018. These two abductions in the span of two days are symptomatic of the tense climate in the Balochistan region and the impunity of the Pakistani authorities. Meanwhile, there is still no information regarding the disappearance of two young students, abducted in August 2016 and February 2017, despite their families’ calls for a safe return.

The original article was published by Balochwarna News:

A Baloch teacher and a poet have been abducted from Kharan and Zamuran regions of Balochistan in past two days [3 and 5 April 2018].

A school teacher has been abducted from Nawano area of Zamuran in district Kech Balochistan on Thursday [5 April 2018].

According to details, Maulana Abdul Razzak son of Dad Mohammad went missing on Thursday. Mr Razzak is a school teacher as well as the Imam at the local Masjid (Masque) in his area.

Residents of the area expressed their extreme concerns over the abduction of Razzak and said he was not affiliated with any organisation.

Earlier on Tuesday [3 April 2018], Pakistani security forces have offloaded a Baloch poet and MPhil student of Alama Iqbal Open University, Amanat Hasrat, at a check post in Ahmadwal area of Kharan on his way back from Islamabad.

Mr Hasrat is a Baloch writer and poet. He is also a reporter of the social media page ‘Rakhshan News’ and affiliated with a literary group called Sangat Library.

Meanwhile, the family members and friends of two students from Kharan have said that their loved ones have been missing from past many months.

According to the family sources, the FC (Frontier Corps) has abducted Ijaz Mengal Baloch during a midnight raid at his house on 26/08/ 2016. Mr Mengal is a student of Civil Engineering at Poly Technical College Quetta

Another youth from the same family and a student of the same college was abducted on 2nd February 2017. Pakistani forces abducted Amir Gurgnadi Baloch in the darkness of night from his house in Kharan.

The family members of both youths have used all the legal and peaceful venues for the safe recovery of their loved ones but to no avail so far.

Photo courtesy of Balochwarna News.