Mar 06, 2018

Iranian Kurdistan: Execution of Kurdish Citizens

Three Kurdish citizens have been executed by the Iranian authorities for alleged murder cases and drug-related charges. Tragically, the Iranian government has a horrendous track record of arbitrarily arresting, sentencing and extrajudicially executing everyone who dares voicing dissent with the current status quo in Iran.

The following article was originally published in Basnews:

The Iranian authorities carried out execution sentences given to three Kurdish citizens in the western province of Kermanshah, sources said.

Iranian Kurdish human rights monitoring group Hangaw identified the executed Kurds as Kaiwan Rashkhar, 27 and Masoud Wakili, 29. The third person was not identified.

According to Hangaw, Rashkhar and Wakili were sentenced to death by Iranian judicial authorities for alleged murder cases.

The third person was executed for drug-related charges.


Photo Courtesy of Adrian Guerin