Feb 05, 2018

East Turkestan: China’s Responsibility for Human Rights Violations in the Spotlight

Photo courtesy of theepochtimes.com

Anti-terrorist policies implemented by the Chinese government against the Uyghur minority in the province of Xinjiang has been brought up by the British delegation currently visiting the country as one of the main obstacles for the consolidation of the relationship between both countries. The United Kingdom regards the harassment exercised by Xi Jinping’s administration over this Muslim minority as a major obstacle to the strengthening of ties with the Asian country, as the restriction to religious freedom that this policy entails raises serious concerns about China’s commitment to human rights.

The following video was published by bbc.com

As Theresa May visits China, the UK government has raised concerns over religious freedom in the country's mainly Muslim province of Xinjiang.

One man, who fled the country for Turkey, has told the BBC he'll "pay for the bullet" to kill his family to save them from a detention camp.

John Sudworth reports from Xinjiang, where all filming and reporting by foreign media is tightly controlled.