Jan 26, 2018

Imminent Execution for Ramin Hussein Panahi

UNPO has been informed by the “International Network of Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights” that Ramin Hussein Panahi, a Kurdish Iranian who had been sentenced to death on 25 October 2017, is now in danger of imminent execution.

Ramin Hussein Panahi was shot and arrested on 23 June 2017, in Sanandaj ,a city in Iranian Kurdistan, after meeting with Kurdish citizens to inform them on human rights issues. After his detention, he was not allowed to get medical treatment nor to receive visits. After 124 days and 23 requests at different governmental branches - from the IRGC to Iran’s secret service - Ramin’s family remained unaware of his whereabouts and health conditions.

In response to Ramin’s family members’ quest to obtain information about him, Iranian authorities detained three of his relatives: his brother, Afshin Hussein Panahi, his brother in law, Ahmad Hussein Panahi, and Zobeir Hussein Panahi. All three were sentenced to imprisonment for respectively 9, 5 and 6 years, following an unjust trial on the 25 October 2017. On 26 October 2017, Ramin’s mother and sister were informed by the Iranian authorities that he was awaiting his death penalty and that they would be informed after his execution.

On 25 January 2018, the “International Network of Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights” received information from his family that Ramin's case was again being discussed at the Sanandaj Revolutionary Court and that they had plans to execute him within 20 days, following an unjust trial convicting him of acting against the national security and for being a member of the Komala Party.

His lawyer, Hossein Ahmadinez, confirmed he will protest against Ramin’s conviction and mentioned that “the membership of his client in a political opposition party should not be the basis for issuing a death sentence”. 

Over the past few years, the Iranian authorities have executed thousands of individuals belonging to national minorities following unjust trials. 


Please find recent updates on Ramin's condition thanks to Amnesty International's report on February 5 2018

Photo courtesy of : Amnesty International