Jan 15, 2018

Rehoboth Basters: PDM Blames Rehoboth Town Council for Failing to Provide Proper Water and Sanitation

Photo courtesy from WikimediaCommons

The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) has officially accused the Rehoboth Town Council this week [8-14 January 2018] of incompetence and ineffective governance because of disruptions in water and sanitation services. The PDM denounces the lack of access to water and sanitation for residents as a recurrent problem, describing it as the new ‘normal’ and a mark of disrespect for Rehoboth residents living in the city.


The article below was published by the Namibian Sun :


The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) has criticised the Rehoboth Town Council for the disruption of water services at the town.


The Rehoboth community has often complained about the lack of clean water services at the town over the years.


The situation has not been rectified.


In a statement this week, [8-14 January 2017] the PDM lambasted the town council for failing to provide proper services.


“The PDM wishes to express dismay and condemnation over the ongoing situation as it relates to the provision of water and the disruption of such services by the Rehoboth Town Council,” the statement reads.


“The disruption of water service provision by the Rehoboth Town Council without prior notification to the residents of Rehoboth is disgraceful, and is indicative of the utter disrespect and disregard for the people of Rehoboth on the part of the Town Council.”


The PDM is of the view that council is acting against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


The party blames the town council for ignoring the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which recognises the human right to water and sanitation.


“Furthermore, the Local Authorities Act (Act No. 23 of 1992) places a duty on local authorities to provide and ensure the provision of water to their respective residents.”


PDM further noted that government, at the local and national level, is failing to uphold the provisions not only of its own laws, but also international legal instruments and it called on government to rectify this as a matter of urgency. The party says the ongoing disruption of water provision at Rehoboth is also an indication of the level of pervasive mismanagement which PMD says has become the new 'normal' at Swapo-run town councils across Namibia.


“It is evidence of incompetence and ineffective governance. It is therefore no surprise that the people of Rehoboth have lost faith in their town council's ability to deliver and ensure the on-going provision of basic services.


“It is incomprehensible that the Rehoboth Town Council could expect its residents to pay for the delivery of basic services, if it itself has failed to create a conducive environment for and ensure local economic development.”


The party also urged urban and rural development minister, Sophia Shaningwa, to intervene without delay, urging her to ensure that local authorities prioritise local economic development to in turn ensure the sustainability of basic service provision.