Jan 05, 2018

Enforced Disappearances of Baloch People Continue to Increase

Over the past several months, the Baloch people have become victims of intensified brutality by Pakistani forces and numerous abductions across Balochistan continue to instill fear among local communities. Particularly alarming is the increased targeting of women and students in the region; both groups are disproportionately affected by enforced disappearances perpetrated by the army. Most recently, on 1 January 2018, Pakistani forces harassed women and children before abducting at least nine people in the Dera Bugti district. 

Below is an article from Balochwarna News

Pakistani forces conducted offensives in Dera Bugti’s several regions on New Year day and abducted at least nine people.

According to details, Pakistan forces and their local collaborators conducted brutal offensives in Dera Bugti’s Zain Loti and adjoining localities.

The forces harassed women and children and looted valuables of the residents before abducting at least nine people including three brothers.

The abducted men have been named as Bijili son of Shahnawaz Bugti, Lehri son Shahnawaz Bugti, Mando son of Shahnazaw Bugti, Bacha son Ali Murad Bugti, Kaheeri son Lal Bugti, Ayoub son of Raja Bugti, Mehrullah Bugti, Misri Bugti son of Raja Bugti and Mir Mohammad Bugti.

The whereabouts of all the abducted men were unknown till the filing of this report.

Separately, on Tuesday [2 January 2018] the Pakistani forces carried out ground and airstrikes in Awaran Balochistan. However, there is been no reports of casualties so far as the area is still off-limits to media and under military siege.


T. Kumar (Amnesty International USA) speaks at a UNPO conference on Pakistan's "Kill and Dump" policy: