Jan 03, 2018

Freedom of Expression Should Be Guaranteed to Iranian Protesters

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) wishes to show its support for the ongoing popular demonstrations in Iran.

UNPO is monitoring with attention the ongoing events in Iran as it counts among its members four ethnic communities living in Iran: the Ahwazi Arabs, the Southern Azerbaijanis, the Baloch, and the Kurds. The right to self-determination includes all components of the population, who deserve equal opportunities and to have a say in the administration of their country.

Once again, UNPO calls on the Islamic Republic of Iran to respect its own people’s freedom of expression. In particular, the recourse to violence that already led to the loss of several lives seems unjustified and UNPO calls on the Iranian government to guarantee safety for demonstrators and that people can have a safe space to express their concerns and make their voice heard. 

Photo courtesy of Quartz