Dec 07, 2017

Ahwazi: Villagers Arrested for Protesting Seizure of Their Land

Photo Courtesy of Ahwaz @Wikipedia Commons

On Sunday, 3 December 2017, more than 50 men and various women were arrested as they were seeking to protect their farmland. The ATKA organisation, together with government security forces, forcefully entered the Jalizi village to seize 1,000 ha of land from the Arab landowners. The organisation had previously seized 4,000 ha of land in the same village and in collaboration with the local Sheikhs came to confiscate the remaining land. As the women and men of the village refused to give up their farmlands, security forces attacked the farmers with batons and teargas. Several women were also arrested at the hospital and forced to leave without receiving treatment for the injuries that the security forces had caused.


The article below was published by Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation:

Ahwazi women farmers arrested for resisting the confiscation of their farmlands in “Jalizi” village in Elam. Click here to see the video.
According to the reports received by Ahwaz Human Right Organization security forces sieged the Arab inhabitant “Up-Jalizi" village in Elam and arrested number of Ahwazi women farmers in addition to 50 men who resisted the confiscation of their farmlands. On Sunday [03. December 2017] as the farmers of “Up-Jalizi" village were working on their lands, the "ATKA" organization, which is affiliated with the Iranian Army, entered the village and with the assistance of governmental security forces attacked working female farmers. They claimed the ownership of the farmland and used verbal violence, teargas and attacked the farmers with baton, injuring several. Later, the security forces attacked the "Dehloran" hospital and arrested the women who had been injured, preventing them from access to treatment.

According to activists when farmers continued to refuse leaving their lands, the security forces entered the village and began random arrests of villagers in the street. They arrested more than 50 people. Others managed to escape to nearby villages and mountains. "ATKA" organization had already confiscated 4000 ha of land previously owned by Arab farmers and today seeks to seize the remaining 1000 ha .According to the inhabitants of the village, the Sheikhs of the village, “Faleh Hamidi” and “Khalid Hamidi” are collaborators with the security forces and government and had confiscated over 600 hectares with the support of the ATKA organization and they are accomplices in committing this recent attack. From 1986 this village was a part of "Khuzestan" province which is inhabited by Arab majority, but currently it is part of the "Elam" province.