Nov 09, 2017

Ahwazi: UNPO and AHRO Roundly Condemn Assassination of Political Activist Ahmad Neisi in The Hague

Photo courtesy of Ahwaz Human Rights Organization

On 8 November 2017, Ahwazi-Arab political activist, Mr. Ahmad Mola Neisi was assassinated in front of his home in The Hague, Netherlands. The Iranian Government has killed more than 300 members of the Iranian opposition in Europe over the last 40 years and since the coming into being of the Islamic Republic of Iran. UNPO, together with the Ahwazi Human Rights Organization, strongly condemns the assassination of Mr. Ahmad Mola Neisi and calls for a prompt investigation

The article below was published by Ahwaz Human Rights Organization

The Ahwaz Human Rights Organization (AHRO) strongly condemns the assassination of Ahwazi-Arab political activist, Mr. Ahmad Mola Neisi, an Iranian dissident in front of his home in The Hague, Netherlands, Wednesday evening, November 8, 2017, by unidentified gunmen as reported by Dutch media.

The circumstances of the assassination are still unclear since no statement has been issued by the police or the Dutch authorities so far. Therefore, AHRO calls for an urgent investigation into the circumstances of the case and the release of the names and the identifies of perpetrators of the assassination of activist Ahmad Neisi, the leader of the Haraket Al-Nidal Al- Arabi, and an Iranian exiled dissident group in Europe.

Is the Iranian regime behind this heinous and the cold-blooded assignation, or is it complacent in it anyway? Dutch authorities are obligated to address this issue promptly.

AHRO, in its belief in the rejection of all forms of violence, reiterates its condemnation of all assassinations and inflicting of physical harms, and demands that the Dutch government promptly investigate the circumstances of the assassination of Mr. Ahmad Neisi. It also calls for providing the necessary security and protection for all Ahwaz-Arab refugees on Dutch soil. The Iranian regime indeed has a black record of assassinating its opponents abroad and inside Iran.