Nov 06, 2017

Western Togoland: ASWETOY Urges Ghana to Refrain from Seizing or Renaming Territory

Photo courtesy of jbdodane @Flcikr

The government of Ghana has recently announced its plan to establish six new regions, one of which would be within the current Volta region on the border to Togo. The Association of Western Togoland Youth (ASWETOY) highly opposes these plans and urges the committee investigating the options for creating new regions to refrain from interfering with territory that does not belong to Ghana. George Nyakpo, Secretary of the ASWETOY, points out that while the former British Togoland voted to form a union with the Gold Coast in 1956, this does not imply that today’s Western Togoland is part of today’s Ghana but rather that they formed a union in which they should be treated equally and, as partners, be involved in decisions made on their territory.


The article below was published by GhanaWeb:

George Nyakpo, Secretary of the Association of Western Togoland Youth (ASWETOY), has said a new region cannot be created out of the Volta Region because that territory is not part of Ghana’s territorial area.

In a letter to Justice Brobbey, Chairman of the committee in charge of creation of new regions, Mr Nyakpo said: “In as much as your task is clearly spelt out, I wish to draw your attention to some very critical issues which must never elude you as you carry out your assigned duties. Legally and technically, the Volta Region, from which you wish to create a region out of, is not a Ghanaian territory! It is a Mandated/Trusteeship Territory which forms part of the British Togoland, formerly a German colony.

“This land was voted to be in a kind of Union with Gold Coast, now the Republic of Ghana in 1956. This Union didn't state that the two lands are to merge and become one state. I refer you to go through the League of Nations/UN documents on this issue am drawing your attention to. You and your committee must not be swindled by the few ignorant ones at that part of the land. Following and granting their wish will mean breaching an international law which will have dire consequences! The people there who speak that kind of Twi must not be seen and regarded as Akan citizenry of Ghana.

“The constitution of Ghana limits you to the geography of Ghana and not the other state which is in an un-established union with Ghana. A simple question is, does union mean redrawing and renaming of the other partner’s territories? This is an illegality perpetuated by Ghana on the British Togoland, making it part of Ghana. The fact that this does not face any radical opposition doesn't mean we the owners of the land are in quagmire ignorance or are in agreement, but for peace to gain a breeding ground and for authorities of Ghana to rethink and act accordingly.

“But, it’s now very clear that the State of Ghana and its leadership forget about the International legality pertaining to aggression. I urge you to be very mindful of the outcome of your decision on this new region out from Volta!”