Nov 02, 2017

Ogoni: Still No Clean-Up of Polluted Area- Civil Society Groups Demand Change

Photo Courtesy of: Stakeholder Democracy 2012 @Flickr

This month marks a year that Nigeria’s Vice President Yemi Oisnbajo launched a ground breaking ceremony welcoming efforts for clean-up activities of the Niger Delta region. However, the Nigerian Government has yet to conduct cleaning of the polluted area.  Civil Society groups have strongly criticised the Nigerian Government for the continuous delay. Civil society groups remind the federal government that if no action is taken, the pollution will worsen, further damaging the environment and the livelihoods of Ogoniland’s farmers and fishers.


The article below was published by African Independent Television 


At a media briefing in Abuja, the independent service delivery monitoring group, ISDMG and the centre for peace and environmental justice, CEPEJ, also raised allegations of unfulfilled promises on the take off of the maritime university, located in the region. The June 2, 2016 ground breaking ceremony by vice president yemi oisnbajo for the clean-up of Ogoni land, which had been polluted by oil exploration activities was welcomed and celebrated across the land. Over one year after, the area is yet to experience any form of cleaning activities.


Worried by this development, civil society groups have started to remind the federal government of the implications of the delay in commencing the cleanup. This Abuja forum also wants government to provide answers to questions bordering on the delay in activating projects on gas flaring, alleging that trillions of naira are stock in the project.

The coalition commended president Buhari for signing into law the bill establishing the federal petroleum university, Effurun, but wants the federal government to come out clean on issues militating against the implementation of pronouncements made so far on the maritime university of Nigeria. The gathering appealed to agitators like IPOB, Arewa youths, Oduduwa youths and indeed the Niger delta youths to embrace non-violent approaches to their quests and demands.

The gathering also wants the military to maintain orderliness in any part of Nigeria and avoid the use of force, which may affect innocent citizens.