Sep 20, 2017

UNPO and Partners Publish UN Advocacy Training Pack for Unrepresented Diplomats

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), together with the University of Oxford, Tibet Justice Centre are pleased to announce to have published the “UN Advocacy Training Pack”, as a part of the larger programme “Training Diplomats from Unrepresented Nations: Capacity Building for Effective UN Lobbying”, which was funded by the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account, 2015-2016. The comprehensive document is a fruit of the four workshops part of the programme that preceded it whereby representatives of different unrepresented nations and peoples received training from high-level experts on different skills to sharpen for their UN advocacy and lobbying. 

The document is a tailor-made manual to support the participants in facilitating trainings on UN Advocacy, and will serve as an empowering tool to provide more and more unrepresented peoples with the resources to make their plight known at the international level. The manual outlines a hypothetical training session which is grouped into 4 separate days divided thematically. The days cover “Your Story of Change”, “UN Human Rights Mechanisms”, “Developing Your Strategy” and “Communicating Your Case”. These ‘days’ provide a wide range of resources, providing advice and guidelines on how to run the sessions, including activities, information, PowerPoint presentations and reports.


Please click here to download the training pack. 

Please click here to download the accompanying slides.