Sep 01, 2017

Southern Azerbaijan: Activist Freed After Months Of Hunger Strike In Prison

Photo courtesy of HRA News 


Last Monday [28 August 2017], Azeri human rights activist Habib Sasanian was released on bail in Iran after more than a year of detention. During his time in Tabriz Central Prison, Mr Sasani was beaten numerous times and was denied medical treatment while struggling with a kidney infection, high blood pressure and severe weight loss. Earlier this year, he refused food for more than 50 days in prison to protest his prolonged confinement. Mr Sasanian, who campaigns for the right to teach the Azeri mother language in schools and against ethnic discrimination in Iran, was arrested for alleged involvement with the establishment of a paramilitary group in Southern Azerbaijan. No evidence was ever presented by the authorities.


The article below was published by Araz News:


South Azerbaijan national activist Mr. Habib Sassanian was released from Tabriz Central Prison on Monday 28th of Aug 2017.

The south Azerbaijani political prisoner, Mr. Habib Sassanian has terminated his almost 2-month hunger strike as his demands are accepted by the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal. He demanded to be released at least temporarily, on bail which has been granted by the court.

It should be noted that the political activist face with illegal court and Iran’s intelligence agency Ettelaat proceedings to preventing his temporary release despite the fact that he is suffering from some kidney infection, high blood pressure and losing more than 20 kg of his weight.

During his detention, Habib Sassanian was beaten several times by the security forces and the staff of Tabriz prison. Due to the severity of the injuries he was transferred to the prison’s clinic many times.

Finally, this activist was set free temporary on a bail of 110,000 $ (350 billion Toman) and joined the family enthusiasm.

Habib Sassanian was arrested on May 15 of 2016 for allegedly establishment of a para-military group of GAMO - Southern Azerbaijan National Army along with 5 other activists Mehdi Amirinejad, Hamid Saqafi, Babek Avand, İsmail Afkhmi və Yunis Rəhimi some of whom were released on bail.