Jul 31, 2017

Hmong: Freedom Fighters to be Honored by US Congress

Photo Courtesy of WSAW


Two years after the introduction of a House Resolution (H. Res.) 210 commemorating Southeast Asian “Freedom Fighters” services during the Vietnam War, Representatives Sean Duffy and Glenn Grothman, both from Wisconsin, drafted a new resolution honouring the brave acts of the Hmong Freedom Fighters during the said War. Mr Grothman stressed the importance of the text in an interview, underlining that the Hmong Freedom Fighters are part of American history.

You can find Glenn Grothman’s interview on WSAW.



Below is an article published by WSAW 


Two Wisconsin legislators co-introduced a bipartisan resolution to honor Hmong freedom fighters, who heroically supported and defended the United States Armed Forces in Southeast Asia.

Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy, and Representative Glenn Grothman partnered for this new resolution to thank the Hmong community.

"I cannot, one more time, emphasize the degree to which the Hmong population played in fighting the great wars against communism. It is something we should all be grateful for and it's so wonderful to have so many Hmong here in the United States," said Representative Glenn Grothman.

Both districts that the legislators represent have significant Hmong populations. They both said they're proud to be the two leading this resolution.