Jun 28, 2017

UNPO’s XIII General Assembly Adopts Resolution on Ogaden

On 27 June 2017, representatives of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) presented their resolution to the UNPO General Assembly. Mr Abdirahman Mahdi tackled the numerous infringements upon the rights of the people of Ogaden committed by the Ethiopian State, stressing the violence to which the population is subjected in a region in which both the army and the local militias kill, torture, rape and terrorise. By adopting this resolution, the UNPO General Assembly called upon the international community to take the necessary measures to demand that Ethiopia respects its obligations regarding human rights.

Having convened in Scotland from 26 to 28 June, 2017;

Concerned about the deliberate policy of the Ethiopian government of using collective punishment against the Ogaden civilian people since 2007, by imposing trade and aid embargos, arbitrary detentions, extra-judicial killings and destruction of entire settlements;

Appalled a the use of gang rape as a weapon of war against the Ogaden people by the Ethiopian army and associated militia;

Noting that the Ethiopian government while building weapons factories and buying luxury dreamer liners, is systematically neglecting millions in Ogaden and many parts of Ethiopia who are facing starvation and epidemics due to nature and man-made droughts;

Expressing concern about the Ethiopian government's recruitment, training and funding of killing squads - a local militia called Liyu police that is doing the dirty work of the Ethiopian government in Ogaden that is above the law and kills and rapes at will the civilian people;

Aware of the Ethiopia government's violation of its own constitution and laws, of international law and conventions and more in general of the human and democratic rights of the Ogaden people, while presenting a false facade of development and granting of self-rule;

the UNPO General Assembly

1. Calls the Ethiopian Government

a. To respect international law, its own Constitution and to immediately stop the human rights violations in Ogaden

b. To lift the embargo on trade, aid and media in Ogaden

c. To allow the UN rapporteurs as requested by the UN and ICRC in Ogaden

2. Requests the international community to take swift action to pressure the Ethiopian government to stop its genocidal policies in Ogaden and accept a negotiated settlement of the conflict

3. Urges the AU to stop ignoring the actions of the Ethiopian government in Ogaden and other parts of Ethiopia

4. Calls upon the donor communities to tie their funding to verifiable process of respect of human and political rights in Ethiopia

5. Thanks the EU parliament for its recent resolutions regarding the Ogaden and other parts of Ethiopia and requests them to continue to put pressure on the Ethiopian government regarding human rights violations and denial of the rights of all peoples in Ethiopia to exercise their democratic rights.

To take a look at the Ogaden resolution, please click here.