Feb 23, 2005

Crimean Tatars: Policy of The New Government of Ukraine is Critisized

The Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Jemilev sharply critisized manpower policy of the new government of Ukraine
The Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Jemilev sharply critisized manpower policy of the new government of Ukraine. In his interview to the Ukraina Moloda newspaper, he expressed his wonder on some assignments to governing positions of the executive bodies of Crimea.

“We, Crimean Tatars, are surprised that in Crimea there are designations already under way after elections, and somehow nobody is consulting with us,” said Mejlis leader. Meanwhile, practically two thirds of the votes which V.Yushchenko received in Crimea, are of Crimean Tatars. To support Viktor Yushchenko – that was our joint decision, adopted at the national congress. Therefore, ignoring of opinion of Crimean Tatars during designations to governing positions is causing the wave of resentment: seems that we are cast somewhere aside...”

...M.Jemilev said also that he sent a letter to the President V.Yushchenko, in which he asks to appoint heads of district administrations in the districts with large Crimean Tatar population, after consideration of the Mejlis propositions. “It is not necessary that this man is a Crimean Tatar – important is that the candidacy is discussed, said the Mejlis Chairman. - We would like to have positions in the power bodies, because we have enough specialists. By the way, same demands we would put forward if Yanukovich won the elections.”

The Poluostrov (Peninsula) newspaper, #7, February 18-24, 2005

The Poluostrov newspaper continues to publish results of the comprehensive research of the socio-economic and political situation of the Crimean Tatars, which was conducted by the Simferopol city organization called The Institute for Social Research. The questioning was carried out in the Crimean Tatar settlements in November, 2004. 512 people chosen by representative selection were questioned from 10 regions of Crimea.

The majority of Crimean Tatars (90%) are proud by their national identity, as shown by answers to the block of questions on inter-ethnic relations.

In everyday communication, absolute majority of respondents does not consider the ethnic background of the partner. However, 80 out of 100 Crimean Tatars have negative opinion on ethnically mixed marriages.

Crimean Tatars reported high level of religiousness though very low level of observance of religious duties. Only two percent of respondents observe all religious rites. Along with that, most of the respondents reported negative attitude on dissemination of non-traditional forms of Islam in Crimea.

Only 39.8% of Crimean Tatars are fluent in Crimean Tatar language; in everyday communication, half prefer to talk in Russian.

Among most trusted among Crimean Tatars are bodies of national self-governance – Qurultai and Mejlis branches, and less trusted are militia, Security Service and Prosecutor Office.

Most of respondents support the policy of Mejlis (68.8%) and 25% think that Mejlis activities must be more radical. 27.8% say that activities of the representative body of Crimean Tatars is ineffective, and 3.9% do not trust the Mejlis at all. Meanwhile, 85.4% of respondents are supporting the existence of the national self-governance system, though only one of every four respondents took part in actions organized by Mejlis.

Source: Crimean Aspects