Apr 27, 2017

Balochistan: Over 100 Detained by Pakistani Forces in Bolan And Panjgur

                                                          Photo Courtesy of Beluchistan


At least 100 Baloch were abducted in the city of Gichk in the Panjgur region. Although Pakistani forces reject this figure, asserting that no more than 33 persons were captured, locals have confirmed the numerous violations committed by the police over the past three days. According to some testimonies, several remote villages are still under siege and many houses and crops have been set on fire.


The article below was published by Balochwarna News:


Pakistani forces have been carrying out offensives in Gichk area of Panjgur Balochistan from past three consecutive days. Locals say more than 100 people have been abducted while the Pakistani security forces spokesperson has confirmed the abduction of 33 people.

The ground forces backed by gunship helicopters have laid a siege and blocked the entrance and exit routes leading to Gichk and many other regions of Panjgur Balochistan.

An eye-witness on conditions of anonymity told Balochwarna News, “The military and paramilitary forces have been carrying out house-to-house searches from past three days. They have stolen valuables of residents including cash, jewelry, watches and other belongings of the inhabitants.”

Meanwhile, the Pakistani Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) spokesperson have confirmed the abduction of 33 people by Pakistani forces.

The ISPR statement did not release the names of abducted persons but said the 30 people were arrested from Punjgur and three people were arrested Margat area of district Bolan Balochistan.

Balochistan national media sources have so far confirmed the names of 14 people abducted by Pakistani forces from Panjgur who include Babul son of Hoda Bakhsh, Noor Ahmad son of Abdul Rehman, Asif Noor son of Ahmad, Raza Mohammad son of Ismael, Naeem son of Raza Mohammad, Nadeem son of Raza Mohammad, Elahi Bakhsh son of Ahmad, Ayoub son of Ahmad, Rahm Dil son of Ayoub, Dad Karim son of Gwahram, Ashraf son of Lala Bakhsh, Lal Jan son of Peer Mohammad, Khair Jan son of Noor Mohammad and Ayoub son of Ahmad.

Local sources, however, reported that there are several villages between Gichk and Draski and this entire area is under military siege from past three days. Due to lack of communication service and military embargo, it has so far been impossible to confirm the names of all abducted persons and any other casualties.

Pakistani forces also conducted offensives in Raghy region of Besima Balochistan, several regions of Turbat including Dasht and Margat area of district Bolan Balochistan.

On Saturday morning Pakistani forces attacked Margat, TarKadi, Peer Ismael and other regions of Mach and Bolan, Balochistan.

According to media reports, the Pakistani forces set several houses on fire and terrorised women and children during their offensives.

Dozens of people have reportedly been arrested and disappeared but their named could not be confirmed immediately.

In Peer Ismael area, Pakistani forces set on fire the houses of Nao Marri and Mohammad Jan Somalani and tortured their family members including children and women.

In another similar offensive, the Pakistani forces set ablaze the house of Azmo Marri in Margat region of Bolan. They also looted livestock and set standing crops on fire.