Apr 25, 2017

Sindh: WSC Publishes Press Release on Enforced Disappearances of Political Activists

Photo Courtesy of World Sindh Congress (WSC)


According to a press release published by the World Sindh Congress (WSC), enforced disappearances of Sindh activists are being used by the Pakistani authorities as a method to mute dissidents’ voices. UNPO condemns systematic human rights violations perpetrated by Pakistan against Sindhi people. In March 2017, UNPO released a report entitled “From Occupied Gilgit-Baltistan to Gwadar: Human Rights in Pakistan”, which sheds a light on the abuses against ethnic and religious minorities in Pakistan. Recent events demonstrate that an international intervention of the United Nations and other organizations is needed in order to protect the Sindh people from the violence inflicted on them by the Pakistani state.


Below is a press release by World Sindh Congress (WSC):

WSC Strongly Condemns Enforced Disappearance of Sindhi Political ActivistsAs part of the ongoing paramilitary operation in Sindh, in recent days there has been an intensification in enforced disappearances of Sindhi political activists. On 11th March [2017], Mr. Bux Ali Mugheri President District Qambar-Shahdadcat. Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (Arisar) JSQM-A, was abducted from Naseerabad court premises. On 17th April, veteran Sindhi political leader of JSQM-A, Mr. Khadim Arejo and his nephew Dr. Shayan Arejo, were abducted from Hyderabad. On the same day two more political activists of JSQM-A, Mr. Hidayatullah Lohar and Aijaz Tunio were kidnapped from Naseerabad. These political activists together with hundreds of others, who were abducted by agencies in past years, remain missing.

WSC believes the enforced abductions of Sindhi political activists is an attempt of Pakistan’s security establishment to silence the Sindhi people’s struggle for their historical, democratic and human rights. WSC strongly condemn these gross human rights violations perpetrated by Pakistani state and demands for the release of all abducted political activists. WSC also strongly condemns the role of Sindh government of People’s Party for failing to protect its people.  

WSC request the international community, including UN and international human rights organizations, to take notice of violence against Sindhi people’s peaceful struggle for their genuine rights and request them to take immediate and effective action to stop these gross violations of human rights. WSC also requests Sindhi political parties and the liberal, secular and progressive forces on the ground to raise their voice to stop the human rights violations of Sindhi people. WSC reiterates to raise this matter with the International Community.