Apr 13, 2017

Balochistan: Abductions and Extrajudicial Killings Used as Tools to Impose State Census and Pave Way for CPEC

Photo Courtesy of DIVIDSHUB @Flickr

In March 2017 alone, Pakistani forces reportedly abducted 480 and killed 26 people, whilst also torching approximately 500 properties. None of those abducted have been taken to court and given the opportunity to defend themselves. The purpose of the intensification of military action in the region is twofold: to implement the state census, rejected by the people of Balochistan, and pave the way for the $46 billion infrastructural project – the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).  This extreme violence exerted by the authorities has also lead to mass displacement and migration. Many of the internally displaced are suffering from severe malnutrition. This is then compounded by the authorities confiscating livestock, thereby depriving the Baloch of their livelihood systems.


Below is an article published by Balochwarna News:

Pakistani forces (military, FC, intelligence, and Para-military) have abducted 480, killed 26 people including women and children, and torched at least 500 properties in more than 100 offensives from 1st March to 31 March [2017]. Only 30 people have been released so far. None of the abducted persons have been presented to any court or given the right to defend themselves.

Balochistan’s Dasht, Tump, Mand, Dera Bugti, Kohlu, Quetta, and Makran regions have been the most affected areas where Pakistani military carried out attacks and offensives against Baloch civilians. Reports on the ground suggested that Pakistan military has intensified its offensives in the start of population census because the Baloch nation has rejected the state census and started resisting against it.

The military, however, resorted to brutal violence and human rights violations to implement the census. There are several confirmed reports of mass migrations as the result of intensive military offensives and air strikes. The mass migration of local Baloch populations in Dasht, Hoshab and many areas in Turbat and Gwadar is directly linked to the China-Pakistan Economic Project (CPEC) because the military is expelling people to appease China and pave way for CPEC.

The majority of the people have migrated from Peertog, Dasht, Balgetar, Kolwah, Mandbullo, Shapuk, Hoshap, Tejaban, Awaran and other places of Balochistan where more than 5000 people have reportedly migrated so far. The families of the IDPS are suffering from malnutrition and are worried about their safety.

Pakistan forces also threw dead bodies of several previously abducted Baloch and claimed to have killed them in encounters in different areas of Balochistan. The dead bodies of Hasil (A School teacher), Nazeer s/o Ghulam Rasool, and Wahid s/o Abdul Karim and others. Many of the dead bodies found could not be identified due disfigurement as they extremely tortured beyond recognition. On the Other hand, Pakistani Army has been involved in attacking citizens and torturing them in military attacks and offensives. According to our sources, more than 1000 people have been tortured and injured which includes women, children, and elderly.

IVBMP sources on the ground confirmed that only 30 people have been released in March. At least 14 people were abducted from Shapuk in which one teacher was killed and the rest were released and the other released people are distinct parts of Balochistan including as Dasht, Mand, and Awaran regions. There has been no report of the release of other abducted people until the compiling of this report. We could confirm the killing of 26 however, this number could be higher as there is a total military siege and media blackout in most of the parts of Balochistan.

We have also been informed that Pakistani forces have stolen more than 1500 Cattle and killed thousands in indiscriminate military attacks in Dasht, Turbat, Awaran regions only. There are also similar reports of pillage of Baloch villages in Kohlu, Kahan and Dera Bugti regions of Balochistan.