Mar 03, 2017

Balochistan: Civilians under Prolonged Attack in Dera Bugti Province

Photo courtesy of junaidro @Flickr

The death toll rises in Balochistan as attacks are carried out on the orders of Pakistani authorities. The violence is concentrated in Dera Bugti, where Pakistani forces have stepped up operations, indiscriminately using bombs and heavy artillery, setting homes on fire and confiscating livestock. Dozens of women and children are among those injured and killed.


The article below was published by Balochwarna News:

Pakistan military attacks against innocent people in Dera Bugti Balochistan continue from past six consecutive days. The Baloch Republican Party’s central spokesperson, Sher Mohammad Bugti, said in a statement from Geneva.

According to sources, Pakistani forces have been indiscriminately using heavy artillery and gunship helicopters against the civilian populations in several regions of Dera Bugti. As result of these attacks, at least Fourteen people including women and children have been killed and Thirty wounded.

“On Saturday, the tortured dead body of 80-year-old Rehman son of Mirzian Bugti was discovered in Pasheni area of Dera Bugti,” the BRP spokesperson added.

According to Mr Bugti’s statement, five members of Rehman Bugt’s family were killed one day prior to his murder [on Friday]. The victims include two elder sons of slain Rehman Bugti, who were identified as Malgh and Dost Ali and his two grandsons Nawaz Gul s/o Malgh Bugti, Ali sher s/o Dost Ali and a woman identified as the wife of Nasiwan Bugti.

He said another fifteen (15) including six women, all belonged to Rehman Bugti’s family, have been injured during unprovoked attacks in Pasheni area of Dera Bugti.

“The Pakistan forces have blocked the entrance and exit routes to the operation affected areas. The bombing and attacks continue. So far Fourteen people have been killed and Thirty injured, the number of casualties is expected to rise,” Bugti’s statement read adding that around 200 houses have been set on fire and a large number of livestock including camels, goats, and sheep, have been loaded onto military trucks and taken away.

Mr Bugti has appealed to the international Human Rights Organisation to take notice of Pakistan state forces brutalities and atrocities against Baloch people.