Feb 24, 2017

Barotseland: Renewed Calls for Independence


Photo courtesy of Zambia Reports.


In 2012, the Barotse National Council (BNC) resolved for a free Barotseland and set into motion again the march to independence started in 1964. Former Transport Minister William Harrington is calling for Zambia to begin disengaging from Barotseland and plan the handover of power to the local government.


The following article was published by Zambia Reports:


The Barotse National Council (BNC) has recognized the urgent need for a roadmap for the implementation of the BNC’s 2012 resolutions.

This follows a recent meeting with the Kuta of Barotseland at Limulunga which was followed by a courtesy call on the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II to express concern over the non-implementation of the Barotse National Council Resolutions of 2012.

The Council in 2012 resolved that the Barotse government should within 30 days put in place a transition process leading to taking over all government functions in Barotseland and the election of the Katengo Legislative Council.

BNC member William Harrington says the council has also observed the need to draft a constitution for the Barotseland and guide dialogue with the Zambian government on the disengagement process of the Barotseland from Zambia.

Mr. Harrington says the Council is of the view that dialogue with the government should be premised on orderly disengagement of the Zambian governance structures to pave way for handover to the administrative set up of the Barotseland government system.

He explains that the Council delegation also emphasised that any engagement with the Zambian government over the matter of Barotseland must not depart from the letter and spirit of the BNC 2012 resolution that Barotseland will separate not secede.