Feb 14, 2017

Assyria: Protests Demand Resettlement for Iraqi Refugees

Photo Courtesy of AINA

Approximately 200 Iraqi Assyrians have marched outside the UN headquarters in Beirut demanding a more efficient and rapid resettlement process. Thousands of Iraqi Christians have been fleeing the conflict ravaging their country, seeking refuge in Lebanon and many of them are waiting to be resettled into a third country. With one of the countries in US President Donald Trump’s executive order restricting immigration being Iraq, tensions and anxiety regarding their resettlement is rising.


Below is an article published by Assyrian International News Agency:

Dozens of Iraqi Christians have marched outside the U.N. regional headquarters in Beirut, demanding the speeding up of their resettlement process.

Thousands of Iraqi Christians have fled the fighting in their country to seek refuge in religiously-mixed Lebanon. Many of them are waiting for resettlement in a third country.

Some 200 Iraqis took part in Monday's march. One banner said: "The future of our children is wasted."

There are no official statistics of Iraqi refugees in Lebanon but their number is believed to be in the tens of thousands. They include large numbers of Iraqi Christians who believe they will find safety among Lebanon's Christian communities.

U.S. President Donald Trump's executive order, which seeks to restrict citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, includes Iraq.