Feb 07, 2017

Balochistan: Teenage Son of Political Leader Abducted in Karachi

Photo courtesy of @baloch_sahel

On 3 February 2017, sixteen-year-old Balach Ghulam Mohammad was taken from his home by Pakistani security forces. Balach is the son of Ghulam Mohammad, the leader of the Baloch National Movement and long-time political activist, who was assassinated during a series of forced disappearances in 2009. The Baloch National Movement has called upon the United Nations for support in facilitating the teenager’s safe return.


The article below was published by Balochwarna News:

QUETTA:  Baloch social media activists reported that teenage son of a slain Baloch leader was abducted from Karachi on Friday night (3 February 2017).

According to details, Pakistani security forces and personnel of intelligence agencies abducted 16-year-old Balach Baloch son the founder of Baloch National Movement (BNM), martyr Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, from his house in Malir area of Karachi.

In April 2009 Pakistani forces abducted Balach’s father along with two other friends from his lawyers’ office in broad daylight and a week later the tortured and bullet-ridden bodies of the three men were found in Pedarak area of Turbat Balochistan.

The United Nations had expressed ‘serious concern’ over the killings and urged an immediate investigation because previously Ghulam Mohammad had helped in the safe release of UN official Mr John Solecki.

However, there is nothing on record after the UN’s demand for an ‘immediate investigation’ whether the UN followed the case of triple murder or if any investigation happened at all.

The in-custody murder of Ghulam Mohammad Baloch and his friends opened a new wave of custodial killings of the previously enforced-disappeared Baloch across Balochistan and Karachi.

It is pertinent to mention that Pakistani forces also abducted Asif Yousaf, a nephew of Ghulam Mohammad Baloch from Karachi and killed him in custody.

The BNM in a statement has urged the United Nations to take notice of the abduction of Balach Baloch and play its role for his safe release.