Jan 30, 2017

Iraqi Turkmen: Mass Grave Containing the Remains of 27 Found near Mosul

Photo courtesy of @IraqiNews

A mass grave was discovered by Iraqi army forces near the city of Mosul, according to a press statement issued by an Iraqi Colonel. Mosul was partly retaken from the forces of ISIS over the course of the last months. Among the 27 Iraqi Turkmens that were found in the grave, were men, youths and children. The Turkmen Rescue Foundation expressed their concerns already in August 2015 about a genocide on Turkmens in ISIS-held Mosul going unnoticed.

The article below was published by Iraqi News:

Nineveh (IraqiNews.com) An official source in the Joint Operations Command revealed that Iraqi army forces found a mass grave containing the remains of 27 Iraqi Turkmens in Rashidiyah area, in northern Mosul.

Colonel Thanon al-Sabawei said in a press statement, “Iraqi army forces discovered a mass grave, near the Turkmen-majority area of al-Kabba, containing remains of 27 men, youths and children.”

“The bodies have traces of torture, and the majority of them have ID cards,” Sabawei added.

“The Iraqi forces exhumed all bodies and transferred them to a health center near al-Rashidiyah area,” he further explained.