Feb 17, 2005

Naga: BJP reiterates its stand to support peace process in Nagaland

The Nagaland BJP Unit has reiterated its stand to extend fullest support to the ongoing peace process so as to bring meaningful and permanent settlement to the Naga political issue which has eluded the Nagas for the past over 5 decades
The Nagaland BJP Unit has reiterated its stand to extend fullest “support” to the ongoing peace process so as to bring meaningful and permanent settlement to the Naga political issue which has eluded the Nagas for the past over 5 decades. It further called upon all sections of Nagas to sink their differences and reconcile amongst themselves. The Nagaland BJP Unit in its State Council Meet held here at Wokha Town Hall today also strongly criticized the recent blatant violation of the Constitution of India by Goa Governor, SC Jamir, by dismissing the duly elected Manohar Parrikar Government in Goa. The Nagaland BJP also pointed out in its resolution that the “un-Constitutional actions of SC Jamir by encroaching upon the functioning of the Constitutionally elected Speaker of Goa has stirred unprecedented debate on the future survival of Indian democracy----which, it described, was the “symbolic democratic institution for the world to emulate.”

The resolution further demanded for immediate sacking of Goa Governor to save the democracy and the sanctity of the Constitution of India and to reinstate the Manohar Parrikar Government in Goa at the earliest. The resolution also highlighted Nagaland BJP Unit’s firm commitment to the Party Constitution, which “emphasizes on Gandhian Socialism, positive and effective secularism and value-based politics without any distinction or discrimination to caste, sex, faith, religion and social background.” It further stated it would continue to work for uplift of social and economic justice, equality of opportunity and liberty of faith and expression.

Earlier, Nagaland BJP Unit President MC Konyak paid his tributes to the past State BJP leaders saying because of their selfless efforts, they were today “reaping the fruits.” He said it became history for the BJP in Nagaland when could send 7 legislators in the Assembly but cautioned that they should not be complacent by such achievement but to fulfill and achieve the “ideals laid down by the founders of the BJP.”

Konyak, however, stated that their achievements in Nagaland had enhanced the BJP image at the central level, although the BJP journey in “Nagaland is just beginning.” “Let us put more effort to convince our national leaders to take Nagaland State as a special State and strengthen our Party in Nagaland more and more in the days to come so that other States particularly the North East Region can also become stronger,” the Nagaland BJP Chief asserted. Welcoming any suggestion for the betterment of the party in the State, the Nagaland BJP President urged all State Council and Executives members to actively participate and involve in their respective districts and constituencies, without which, “holding the name of the post or responsibilities will have no meaning.” “We have to be transparent in our dealings,” he said.

V Satish, Northeast BJP Organizational in-charge, also spoke on the occasion. He mentioned that Nagaland BJP’s recent achievement in Municipal and Town Council elections had boosted the National leader including President LK Advani. He also reminded that it was BJP Government that initiated to bring permanent peace in Nagaland by recognizing the “uniqueness history of the Nagas.” He said it was BJP Prime Minister Vajpayee who from the Rampart Redford announced the recognition of the uniqueness of Naga history.

The Northeast BJP Chief also blasted the Congress Government for failure to check demographic invasion by Bangladeshis in the northeast region, threatening the sovereignty and integrity of the country. The National BJP Vice President Thawarchanad Gehlot, who is also northeast in charge, while speaking, assured the party workers that he would closely work with them to address their grievances by meeting with various central leaders. Nagaland Agriculture and Horticulture Minister Dr TM Lotha also spoke on the occasion. He regretted the slow progress of the party activities especially in the districts and interior areas. Sating that all party workers should retrospect the party’s activities in the past two years in power and the message of such should be carried down to the grassroots level and work in war footing. They should carry the message to the villages not in the towns or district headquarters. This was the main reason how NDA, despite having achieved so such during its rule, failed to get vote banks in the villages. Because they did not carry its success stories to the grassroots level, he said calling upon the party workers to actively work to give the right message to the people. Dr Lotha also recalled how the then NDA Government under Atal Behari Vajpayee paid special attention to Nagaland. Because BJP was part of the DAN Government, he pointed out adding, “Even Vajpayee himself had given Rs 350 crore, Rs 1050 crore as economic package while visiting the State, besides inviting the NSCN (IM) collective leaders to Delhi to further political talks and also allowing them even to interact freely with all the political leaders including Congress.”

It was again Vajpayee who had publicly recognized the “uniqueness of Naga history.” “This was clearly known and appreciated by the NSCN (IM) leaders,” he added. Nagaland Transport Minister, BJP District Presidents, Mahila President also spoke on the occasion. Avinash Khli, Nagaland BJP General Secretary (Organizational), chaired the function, while the welcome address was given by Sacheo Kithan, President, Wokha District BJP.

Source: North East Press Service