Jan 16, 2017

Tibet: 35-Year Communist Party Veteran Appointed Governor

Photo Courtesy of Conci 3000 @ Flickr

On 15 January 2017, state news agency Xinhua reported that the People’s Republic of China appointed the new governor for Tibet. Qi Zhala replaces Luosang Jiangcun, named secretary of Tibet’s National People’s Congress. A 35-year veteran of the communist party, Mr Zhala was previously the vice-secretary of the party in the region, and at the head of the party in the regional capital of Lhasa. 

Below is an article published by Reuters:

China has appointed a new governor for Tibet, one of the country's most politically sensitive regions, state news agency Xinhua reported on Sunday.

A thirty-five-year veteran of the Communist Party, Qi Zhala, 58, has also served as the region's Communist Party vice-secretary and the party boss of regional capital Lhasa, according to his resume, published by party mouthpiece the People's Daily.

He replaces Luosang Jiangcun who was named secretary of the region's National People's Congress in the same Xinhua announcement.

Managing the remote Himalayan region of Tibet remains a difficult issue for China, which has struggled with decades of often violent unrest in protest at Chinese rule, which started when Chinese troops marched into Tibet in 1950.

China says its rule has brought prosperity and stability, and rejects claims from Tibetan exiles and rights groups of widespread repression.

Of Tibetan ethnicity, Qi originates from neighboring Yunnan province. He held official posts in Yunnan before transferring to Tibet in 2010. As governor, he is the second-most powerful figure in the region, after the regional Communist party boss.