Jan 03, 2017

Balochistan: Practice of Enforced Disappearances Continues to Ravage Region

Photo Courtesy of BBC News

Within the past week [3 January 2017], a series of attacks were carried out in different regions of Balochistan. Local sources report that Pakistani paramilitary broke into residences, looting and abducting Baloch men. Fortunately, on 29 December 2016, two previously abducted Baloch men were freed. This, however, has not proven to be a sign of a diminishing use of enforced disappearances by Pakistani forces as on the very same day an attack took place in the Dasht area of the Kech district in Balochistan during which 12 people were arrested and forcibly disappeared. The systematic use of enforced disappearances is increasing rather than decreasing in Balochistan. Despite a BBC report claiming 1000 bodies were found in the past 6 years, independent sources and Balochistan-based human rights organisations claim that, in fact, it were more than 3700


Below is an article published by Balochwarna News:

Pakistani forces have carried out attacks in Kohad area of Tump in Turbat Balochistan on Tuesday (27 December 2016) and abducted at least four people.

The victims have been named as Zahid son of Khuda Bux, Sadiq son of Malik Dad and Salam son of Aslam residents of Kohad whereas Obaid son of Fazul is a resident of Pull Abad.

On Thursday 29 December [2016], two previously abducted Baloch have been freed and reunited with their families in Mand area of Turbat Balochistan.

According to details Salman son of Doctor Majeed and Yar Jan son of Haji Ramatullah were abducted on 16 December during a Pakistani forces offensive in Mand area of district Kech Balochistan.

The two lucky men have arrived home on Thursday morning. Their abductors – Pakistani officials – however, remain at large and continue to abduct more innocent people from different areas of Balochistan.

Also, on Thursday, the Pakistani forces have abducted at least 12 people from Dasht area of district Kech Balochistan.

The forces have violated the sanctity of Baloch houses and harassed women and children during their unwarranted offensives.

Local sources reported the Pakistan FC, paramilitary, and intelligence agencies officials have looted cash and other valuables from the resident and broke doors and windows of their houses.

At least 12 people were arrested and disappeared during Thursday morning’s offensive.

The victims included Nadil Shah son of Dad Karims, Munir son of Rasool Bakhsh, Daleep son of Kunguzar, Shaukat son of Nasir, Nadeem son of Qadir Bakhsh, Mohammad Noor son of Dost Mohammad, Balaach son of Dad Rehman, Naseem son of Barkat, Malek son of Sher Mohammad, Aziz son of Sakhi Dad, and Bahadur son of Ali Hassan Panjguri.

It is pertinent to note that Gwadar’s adjoining region of Dasht situated on CPEC route has been under military attack for the past few months and local sources reported that more than 220 people have been abducted and several killed during unprovoked attacks by Pakistani forces.

Hundreds of people have been forcibly expelled from their homes whereas many have fled due to continuous attack by Pakistan forces.

Recently BBC New service in a report said that in the past six years nearly 1000 dead bodies of activists were found in Balochistan. “Relatives say most victims had been picked up by security agencies,” BBC reported.

The independent sources and Balochistan-based human rights organisations, however, say that the number of dead bodies found in since 2001 is three times higher than what BBC has reported. They say more than 3700 dead bodies have been found.