Dec 07, 2016

Somaliland: Human Rights Centre Condemns Detention of Traditional Leader

Photo Courtesy of Somalilandpress:

The Human Rights Centre of Somaliland has condemned the arbitrary detention of Mr Ugaas Abdirahman Dirie on 3 November 2016. Mr Dirie had been arrested after holding a meeting in which he announced that he had joined an opposition party. Even though a regional court had ordered several times for Mr. Dirie to be released, the police keeps refusing to do so. The Somaliland Human Rights Centre expresses its deep concerns about the police’s abuse of power and its refusal to follow court orders.

Below an article published by Somalilandpress:

Ugaas Abdirahman Dirie, a traditional leader based in Buroa, east of Somaliland, was arrested from Buroa on 3rd November 2016 without court warrant. He was transferred to Hargeisa. He was brought to court on 12th November 2016 exceeding the 48 hours’ limitation required by the law. The court in Hargeisa remanded him 4 days into custody. Upon the expiration of the remand period, the appeal court ordered his release. But the police refused to give his liberty back.

On 29th November 2016, the Regional Court again remanded the elder two days into custody and ordered the police to release him within the two days if they fail to produce to the court evidence. The two days lapsed and Abdirahman has not been brought to court in contrary to the constitution.

On 3rd December [2016] the Hargeisa Regional Office of the Attorney General instructed the police to release him. Again the police rejected the order.

“There is no court order allowing the detention of the Ugaas whom his liberty is deprived arbitrarily by the police”, says Guleid Ahmed Jama, the chairperson of Human Rights Centre.

The traditional leader was arrested after he held a meeting in which he pronounced that he had joined an opposition party. According to Somaliland constitution, everyone has a right to hold his/her political opinion.

Human Rights Centre is deeply concerned by the arbitrary powers of the Police who is able to refuse court orders and detain people without court warrant.

We call on the Police to respect the laws of the country and immediately release Ugaas Abdirahmaan Dirie.