Dec 01, 2016

Balochistan: Eight People Abducted by Pakistani Security Forces

Photo Courtesy of Balochwarna

On 29 November 2016, Pakistani forces carried out air strikes and launched ground offensives in several regions of Balochistan’s Sibbi District, probably killing and injuring scores of locals. During these attacks, eight people, including four children, have been arrested and forcibly disappeared. Local sources fear that the arrested have been killed in custody.

Below an article published by Balochwarna:

Pakistani forces have attacked several regions of Talli in Sibbi district of Balochistan on Tuesday [29 November 2016] and abducted at least eight people including four children.

Sources reported the Pakistani forces carried out air strikes and ground offensives in Kalgari, Jharradi and Molay Lad area in Talli where they also set several houses on fire and looted precious belongings of innocent villagers.

Balochwarna News sources from Sibbi reported that around five helicopters took part in the day-long bombardment in Talli and adjoining areas.

“In the evening military trucks were seen coming back from attack hit areas to Sibbi. People from neighbouring regions said that from the intensity of the bombing, it is feared that many have might have been killed and injured,” the source added.

Eight persons including four children have been arrested and disappeared during these brutal and unwarranted attacks.

The victims have been named as Tawkali Marri, Shikari Marri, Jafar Marri and Hammal Marri, the men were arrested along with four children whose names could not be confirmed until filing of this report.

The affected areas are still under military siege making it difficult to establish the exact number of casualties and damage to property.

The Pakistani security forces, however, claimed to have killed five people in Talli in an attack where according an FC spokesperson ‘hundreds’ FC, Sibbi Scout and intelligence agencies personnel backed by two gunship helicopters took part in the attacks.

It is feared that the arrested people have been killed in custody. After infamous ‘kill and dump’ policy, the Pakistan forces have started a new trend of killing the previously abducted persons in staged encounters.