Nov 03, 2016

Ahwazi: Iranian Companies’ Oil Storage Practices Cause Environmental Catastrophe and Severe Health Crisis

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The excavation of pits to store millions of barrels of oil is irreversibly polluting Ahwazi farmland and fatally harming the region’s delicate environmental balance, according to Ahwazi environmental activists. Prior mismanagement by Iranian authorities had already dried up rivers and lakes in the once fertile province. The oil pits also gravely affect the health of the region’s local population, with toxic fumes causing severe respiratory problems, as well harmful skin and eye conditions. Tragically, this is hardly the first environmental disaster caused by Tehran’s detrimental policies. In 2013, for instance, the Ahwazi community was severely affected when thousands were hospitalized due to air pollution. 

The article below was published by Ahwaz Human Rights Organization (AHRO)

Ahwaz Human Rights Organization(AHRO) reports an environmental catastrophe following the published photos Showing the release of millions of oil barrels in Hour Al Azim farmlands in Mesopotamian Marshes near the border of Iraq.

According to AHRO the photos have been taken on 26th of October and they show the release of millions of oil barrels in Hour Al Azim far lands which in turn will destroy the soil of Hour Al Azim .

In this report it is stated : “ After mismanagement by the ministry of water and electricity which resulted in the drought of the province’s rivers and Hour AlAzim lagoon itself ,now the time has come for the the destruction of farmlands and the natural resources .

Evidence shows that an oil company called “Ofogh” has constructed massive pools in the farmlands to store the left over oil .

Environmental agency and the department of natural resources in the province have not reacted to the actions of these oil companies who make massive profits on the expense of environmental pollution.

According to Ahwaz Human Rights Organization ,one of the most active oil companies in Hur Al Azim is “ North Oil “ a company with three oil rigs whose previous manager was Mr.Khademi ,the current “Izeh “and” Baghmaslek “ city representative .

Other active companies are “PEDEX” associated with the supreme leader “Khameneyi “ with 5 oil rigs , “Melli Hafari “(National Drilling) and “Tadbir Energy”with 5 oil rigs . These companies are being run by consulting companies affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary guards.

The responsibility of guarding the areas surrounding these projects is with a well-equipped and especial security organization (one of 16 active undisclosed security organizations operating inside Iran ), this organization uses the latest model of TOYOTA trucks and its staffs are fully armed.