Oct 31, 2016

Ahwazi: Iranian Forces Shoot 3 Year Old and Arrest Her Father

Ahwazi human rights activists have reported that on 24 October 2016 a three-year-old girl, Raghad Abbas, was murdered by the Iranian security forces, who opened fire on the vehicle she was in, also seriously injuring her parents Abbas Hassan Mashal Al-Sari and Zahor Abdul-Sada Al Sari. Her father, Abbas Hassan, was then also arrested. This took place in the Alawi neighbourhood, a western suburb of the regional capital, Ahwaz. The attack is part of the ongoing brutal crackdown by the Iranian regime on Ahwazi Arabs.

Below is an article published by AHRO

Sources told Al Arabiya that security forces opened fire on the car on because the child’s father did not comply with orders to stop. 

Iranian security forces killed a three-year-old Ahwazi-Arab child after they opened fire on the car she was travelling in with her parents in the Alawi neighborhood, west of Ahvaz.

Sources told Al Arabiya that security forces opened fire on the car on Monday night because the child’s father Abbas Sawari, who is wanted by internal security forces, did not comply with the checkpoint’s orders to stop. As a result, Sawari’s daughter Raghed was shot and killed immediately while his wife was shot and transferred to hospital for treatment.

The source added that security forces then arrested Sawari and led him to an unknown location.
Last November, hundreds protested after Ali Jalali, a 17-year-old Ahwazi-Arab, was killed by Iranian police’s gunfire during the latter’s raid on a popular market in al-Nahda neighborhood in Ahvaz.