Oct 05, 2016

UNPO Expresses Disappointment Following EEAS Statement on Oromo Tragedy

Following the incident at the Irrecha Festival near Bishoftu on 2 October 2016, which left, according to our sources, 300 Oromo dead, the EEAS has released a statement addressing the incident.

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) expresses its disappointment for the EEAS’s insufficient and overly concise response to this latest massacre, which marks the as yet most unfortunate climax in a long series of repressive actions against Ethiopia’s marginalised ethnic groups; this day will be remembered by the Oromo community as a Black Sunday, which follows a year of harsh repression of protests, recently highlighted by the symbolic gesture of athlete Feyisa Lilesa.

The EU statement fails both to name those responsible for the heinous acts committed, namely the Agazi killing squad, and to clarify the most pressing needs of the Ethiopian peoples, namely to live in a democratic country and be involved in decisions affecting their territories and their communities.

Below is the EEAS statement:

The events which took place during the annual Irrecha festival in Bishoftu were a tragedy and our first thoughts and condolences go to the victims and to their families. We wish a quick recovery to those who were injured.

The European Union calls for a process of reconciliation, as well as addressing the wider aspects of the grievances. The EU remains ready to support Ethiopia and all Ethiopians in this demanding situation.

Foto courtesy of eeas@flickr