Aug 23, 2016

Balochistan: Pakistani Brutal Crackdown Following Suicide Bombing in Quetta

The welfare of the population of Balochistan remains in a critical position in the aftermath of the 8 August suicide bombing in Quetta, as a brutal crackdown by Pakistani military forces has had fatal consequences on the Baloch people. Pakistani forces have continued a pattern of offensive manoeuvres in the aftermath of Indian Prime Minister Modi’s referral to the Baloch plight, with devastating consequences.

The article below is published by Balochwarna News

Pakistani forces continue their rampage and brutalities across Balochistan as the issue of long ignored Baloch conflict once again came to the limelight after Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi has mentioned Balochistan in his Independence Day speech at Red Fort.

On 8 August, a suicide bomber killed more than 80 people including 40 Baloch and Pashtun lawyers in an attack at Civil Hospital Quetta where the lawyers had gathered to pay their final respects to their colleague and the president of Balochistan Bar Council, shot dead earlier in the same day. The Pakistan army chief declared the attack as ‘an attack on CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor)’ and order ‘combing operation’ in Balochistan. Immediately after the attack the pro- Jihadist and military backed CM of Balochistan said Indian Intelligence Agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) was involved in the attack. However, the ISIL and The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Jamaat-ur-Ahrar claimed the responsibility for the attack.

Four days later on 12 August, the Pakistan Frontier Corps, police, paramilitary forces, ISI and Military Intelligence started their ‘combing operation’ against the Baloch people across Balochistan and carried several simultaneous attacks and search operations in many areas of Quetta, Dera Bugti and Awaran districts of Balochistan. In Quetta and Mastung the Pakistan military, FC, Police and Intelligence agencies have rounded up around 2000 on the night of 11th and 12th of August.  Pakistani forces raided Hazar Ganji fruit and vegetable market on the morning of 12 August and arrested more than 40 Marri Baloch resident of New Kahan Quetta.  Local residents have no clue about the whereabouts of the abducted persons.

‪On 13 August, the Pakistani forces brought the dead bodies of two previously abducted Baloch including a Baloch student leader Gazzain Qambrani son of Habibullah Qambrani and Suleman Qambarai residents of Qalli Qambrani ‪Quetta.  Both victims who belonged to same family were abducted of 8 June 2015 from Quetta ‪‎Balochistan.  Also on the same day the Pakistani forces conducted military operations in different areas of Dera Bugti which continued for five days. At least 28 people including four women and a sever-year-old girl, and dozens of others were injured in the five-day unprovoked massacre.

The most military hit areas included Sui, Suri, Takrov, Siyah Tang, Pashini, Langovi, Darenjan, Sharidarbar and Uch.

According to Baloch Republican Party sources the victims of different areas of Dera Bugti were identified as 1) Sarang Marri, 2) Abdul Rehman Marri, 3) Zaman Khan Marri, 4) Mubarak Marri, 5) Gauru s/o Chilav Bugti, 6) Lalain w/o Gauru Bugti, 7) Shani d/o Gauru Bugti, 8) Zeenat d/o Gauru Bugti, 9) Nana s/o Shah Mohammad Bugti, 10) Dazo s/o Lal Mohammad Bugti, 11) Sami w/o Dazo Bugti, 12) Karam Khan s/o Zahro Bugti, 13)  Nazi d/o Zahro Bugti, 14) Gul Khan Bugti, 15) Shah Murad Bugti, 16) Hammal s/o Ghulam Nabi Bugti, 17) Faraz (7 yrs) s/o Hammal Bugti, 18) Abdul Rahman Bugti, 19) Siddique s/o Abdul Rahman Bugti, 20) Atta Ur Rehman Bugti, 21) Answar Bugti, 22) Gulzar Bugti, 23) Shah Jamal s/o Nabi Dad Bugti, 24) Nawaz Ali Bugti s/o Nabi dad Bugti, 25) Pahlwan Bugti s/o Mohammad Baksh Bugti, 26) Badkurdar Bugti s/o Mohammad Baksh Bugti, Eido Bugti.

Meanwhile Pakistan forces brought the dead bodies of three Baloch whom they claimed to have killed in a gun battle in Tertej area of Awaran Balochistan on 19 August. However, the social media activists were quick to expose the lies of Pakistani security forces and its media.

Baloch activists reported that Dilawar son of Suleman resident of Kunri area of district Awaran and Murad son of Qasim a resident of Jhao Balochistan were abducted from Main Bazaar of Awaran on 13-Aug-2016. Whereas the third man was identified as a member of Baloch National Movement named Noor Bakhsh son of Khan Jan resident of Jhakro Awaran. He was abducted during a military raid on his house on 30-July-2016.

It has become almost daily practice of Pakistani forces to carry out military attacks and kill previously abducted people in staged encounters. On Saturday the Home Minister of Balochistan Sarfaraz Bugti – whose father heads a military backed death squad in Dera Bugti – has admitted that Pakistan forces have abducted 13575 people from Balochistan in year 2015 and 2016. Bugti also said in his statement that “military operations would continue until last one of them is killed” by them he was referring to all those Baloch who are opposed to Pakistan’s illegal occupation of Balochistan.

Analysts believe that Sarfaraz Bugti’s statement is yet another official confession by the Pakistani Minister and a confirmation of the concerns of Baloch pro-freedom leaders and activists who since long time have been saying that Pakistani forces are involved in enforced-disappearances and extra-judicial killings in Balochistan.  The Pakistani minister’s statement is also being seen a threat to intensify the Baloch genocide in coming times.

Photo courtesy of the BBC