Jul 28, 2016

Sindh: WSC Shaken by Cruelty Against Sindhi Hindus After Blasphemous Allegations

Photo Courtesy of: Martin Frey 2013 @ Flickr

An alleged burning of the Quran on Monday, 25 July 2016, sparked a new wave of harassment, violence and hatred against Sindhi Hindus. Both large and small towns in the Ghotki district have been obstructed by religious extremists, sacred places have been attacked, and two Sindhi teenagers have been shot. In a recent press release the World Sindhi Congress (WSC) states that once again Pakistani authorities have set off a campaign of terror against Sindhi Hindus, to force the latter into migration. 


Below is an article published by the World Sindhi Congress 

After an alleged incident of burning Quran in Ghotki on 26th July, in all the large and small towns of district Ghotki including Ghotki, Dharki, Mirpur Mathelo, Rahrki the proxies of the state agencies and vigilantes of religious extremist have started a campaign of harassment and hatred against Sindhi Hindus. All these towns have been shut down, there has been an attack on the shrine of Bhgat Kanwar in Rahrki and in a separate incident two youth, Satesh Kumar and Avinash were fired upon in Mirpur Mathelo. Sadly, Sateesh Kumar succumbed to death and Avinash is in critical condition. In all these towns where Sindhi Hindus live in large numbers are in a deep state of shock, fear, insecurity and uncertainty.

The information is emerging that person involved in the alleged incident is insane, who recently might have been converted to Islam. The incident occurred on 25th July from a cigarette butt. However, it appears that the incident was then deliberately manipulated to launch a campaign of terror against the indigenous Sindhi Hindus. WSC has been raising the issue of systematic efforts by the Pakistani agencies to create an atmosphere of terror to coerce Sindhi Hindus to migrate as part of their designs to convert Sindhis into minority in their own motherland and tear apart the secular social fabric of Sindhi society.

WSC strongly condemns this latest campaign of terror against indigenous Sindhis and promise to be beside them. WSC believes this is the direct outcome of state policies to systematically support and sponsor spread of religious extremism. WSC requests all the Sindhi political parties and civil society to proactively demonstrate their support to Sindhi Hindus against state proxies and religious vigilantes. WSC will raise this issue with the UN and international human rights organizations to press upon the Pakistani government to ensure the peace, safety and security of Sindhi Hindus.