Jul 26, 2016

Haratin: Detained Members of the Initiative for the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement (IRA) Endure Torture and Ill-Treatment


On 12 July 2016, 13 members of the Initiative for the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement (IRA) in Mauritania were unfairly charged for "armed assembly", "violence against agents of the public force" rebellion and "membership of an unregistered organization". Tortured and having been deprived of any means of communication to relatives or legal counsel, the 13 were held from between three to twelve days without access to medical or toilet facilities. 


Below is an article published by FIDH

According to information received, Abdallahi Matallah Seck, Balla Touré, Amadou Moussa Biram and Tidjane Diop were victims of torture and ill-treatment. Hands and feet bound in painful positions for hours, suspended by ropes, handcuffs too tight, Abdallahi Matallah Seck, Balla Moussa Toure and Biram were asked about the planning and involvement in clashes on 29 June. Similarly, Amadou Tidjane Diop was stripped, insulted, threatened with death during interrogation and was forced to eat a few meals embellished sand without being able to drink water.

In addition, according to information received, Amadou Diop Tidjane would not have access to necessary medical care, despite a known heart condition for which he has a medical prescription and cardiology consultation papers. Only after his detention that he was able to go to the hospital but the prescribed tests have yet been conducted.

According to our sources, the major commissioners and El-Hadi Ahmed Baba Ahmed Youra, the police inspector Hassane Samba, police officers and Alioune Hassane Lemrabott, chief Brigadier Didi and brigadiers Amar Ould Oumar N'Diaye and have participated with other unidentified people to acts of torture against activists. In addition, Mr. Boubacar Ould Messaoud, member of the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) and president of SOS-Slave association, was denied a visit despite a formal request. Furthermore, requests for lawyers to appraise the visible traces of torture were refused.

On July 12, the prosecutor Sheikh Ahmed Taleb Bouya opened a spot investigation and has charged 13 members of the IRA-Mauritania for "armed assembly" (Article 101-105 of the Penal Code), "violence against d agents of the public force "(Articles 213 and 214 of the Penal Code)," rebellion "(Article 191 of the criminal Code) and" membership of an unregistered organization "(Articles 3 and 8 of the 1964 Law on associations). The case was referred to the August 3, 2016 before the West Nouakchott criminal court. The court will soon allow families to visit them for the first time since their arrest. The 13 are now held at the Remand Dar Naim.

Image published by FIDH