Jun 28, 2016

East Turkestan: Uyghur Finalist at ‘The Voice of China’ Sheds Light on His People’s Culture

34-year old Perhat Khaliq, an Uyghur composer and rock musician, became a worldwide-known celebrity after his success at the talent reality show The Voice of China two years ago [2014]. Instead of moving to a metropolis, as many people would have expected, Mr Khaliq preferred staying in his hometown in Xinjiang, Urumqi. Here, he enjoys daily contact with the Uyghur culture, which he then spreads to the world through his music.


Photo courtesy of Asia Stars News.

Below is an article published by Asia Stars News:

Uyghur composer and rock musician Perhat Khaliq continues his rise to fame following his success on the talent reality show The Voice of China. Two years after his success, Perhat is still pursuing his mission of letting the world know his unique type of music.

After his success in The Voice of China, many entertainment experts believed that Perhat will eventually move to some of China's cultural hotspots like Beijing and Shanghai where there are lots of opportunities for the up and coming musician.

However, the 34-year-old rock musician recently said that he is staying in his native home of Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang.

In an interview with Channel News Asia, Perhat said, "I've been to a lot of cities in the world and China, and Urumqi is still my favorite place. My roots - and the source of my art - are there."

"If I were to live in another city, I would be weakened. There are several cultures, several worlds there. The younger generation is very connected to the world, while the older generation has very much a traditional way of life. It's very interesting and complex," he continued.

As part of the Muslim minority ethnic group, Perhat's rise to stardom has helped shine a light on an almost unknown culture in China. Although Perhat is not the first Uyghur to enjoy massive popularity, his success is deemed by many experts as completely different.

Perhat's close friend and collaborator Mukaddas Mijit filmed the artist's 22-show China tour, and she was amazed by the massive and overwhelming reception to the artist. The filmmaker later recounted that some in the audience are moved to tears by Perhat's music.

Many experts believe that Perhat's success will not only open the door for a new cultural impact on China but also encourage artists to find inspiration from their cultural roots.