Apr 26, 2016

Iranian Clampdown Sees Youths Detained

Reports have emerged of the arrest of a number of young Iranian Kurds and Arabs in south-west and north-west Iran. In some cases, no reason for the arrests was given, while in others political activity on social media was identified as the cause. It is believed the regime is targeting youths in an effort to instill fear and discourage anti-regime protests. The whereabouts of those arrested remains unknown. 


Below is an article published by the National Council for Resistance of Iran:

NCRI - According to reports received from Iran, the clerical regime has resorted to widespread arrests in Ahwaz and Shush, in south-west Iran, and Bukan, in north-west Iran, in the month of April to create an atmosphere of fear and prevent anti-regime protests.

On Wednesday April 13, intelligence officers in Bukan, in West Azerbaijan Province, arrested three young men after inspecting their homes and their private belongings. They were transferred to an unknown location. No explanation has been given for their arrest and their current whereabouts remains unknown. Reports say that in Bukan, the mullahs’ regime is targeting ethnic Iranian Kurds.

Also in the last few days, a number of young Iranian Arab men in Ahwaz and other cities in Khuzestan Province were arrested by agents of the regime’s notorious Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS). Some of these detainees were arrested for being active on social networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp. The fate of those arrested remains unknown.

Other reports say that on April 13, the MOIS branch in the city of Shush arrested several young people because of their political activities and activity on social media networks.

Five of those arrested in Shush have been identified as:

Ali Dabat, 18
Ali Kaabi, 27
Milad Dabat, 22 (he is married and has one child)
Faisal Dabat, 17
Mostafa Daat, 17