Mar 29, 2016

Iranian Kurdistan: Several Arrests During Newroz Celebrations

On Thursday 24 March 2016, several Iranian Kurds were arrested during the Newroz celebrations. These festivities are considered the most important in Kurdish culture. The increasing number of political activists and Kurdish citizens arrested by the Iranian regime clearly shows the worrying human rights situation in the region.


This article was published by Payvand Iran News. 

Kordpa reported on Thursday March 24 that at least 20 activists in Kurdish regions of Iran were arrested on the last day of the Iranian calendar year (March 19). The arrests were reportedly concentrated in Sanandaj and Boukan.

On March 22, a number of citizens were arrested in Sanandaj after a large public Norooz celebration for wearing Kurdish outfits and dancing their folk dances during the festivities.

The Iran Human Rights website reports that Sara Milani, Ladan Sohrabi and Shahla Vakili were among the detainees and they have not been released despite the posting of bail. The report adds that three members of the Vakili family who had gone to the police to inquire about their kin were also arrested.

Kordpa reports that at least 15 people were arrested in Boukan following Norooz celebrations and their fate remains unknown so far.

According to a report on Kordpa, in the past year, an average of two activists a day have been arrested in the Kurdish region of Iran. The report adds that in the past year, 735 activists have been arrested in Kurdistan and 63 of those cases led to prison sentences.